Your Support Matters

Students performing in The Wizard of Oz.

More than 59,000 people in the state of Oregon experience developmental disabilities.* With the closing of Fairview Training Center in 2000, and with the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, adults with developmental disabilities have more independence and personal rights than ever before. However, they remain under-employed, under-represented, and under-served, and they so often remain isolated from the greater community.

At PHAME, we provide arts-based education and performance opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities because we are driven by the belief that art is for everyone. We believe that art is a vehicle for creating community, and we create community at PHAME through classes, workshops, performances, and events. Moreover, we create bridges to connect PHAME students to the greater Portland community. Community matters, because when we meet on common ground, we see each other as individuals.

Approximately 80% of PHAME's annual budget is contributed thorough grants, corporate gifts, foundation gifts, and gifts from individual donors. When you give to PHAME, you provide opportunities for adults with disabilities to learn new skills, harness their creativity, and build their community. You help us hire the best teachers; you assist us in renting accessible performance venues; you ensure tuition assistance for students who need it.

You affirm your belief that art is for everyone. Community is for everyone. Excellence is for everyone.

You keep the lights on.

You keep PHAME moving forward.

Thank you for supporting PHAME.

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Become a Monthly Donor

You can help PHAME provide ongoing arts education opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities by setting up an automatic monthly contribution. You can link your contribution to your credit card or debit card, and can cancel your monthly donation membership at any time.

Join Our Planned Giving Society

You can support the future of PHAME by making PHAME a beneficiary in your will.

To find out more about planned giving, please contact our Development Director, Rebekah Morris, at (503)764-9718 ext 4 or email her at


Make an In-Kind Donation to PHAME


You can support PHAME programs by donating new or gently used items. We are often seeking the following items:

  • iPad (iOS 9 or higher)

  • MacBook laptop (able to run macOS 10.9 or newer)

  • PC laptop (able to run Windows 8.1 or newer)

  • iPad power charger

  • Extension cords and power strips

  • Copy paper

  • 1" 3-ring binders

  • Post-It notes

  • Easel paper pads

  • Scissors

  • Pads of drawing paper

  • Drawing supplies

  • Water color paint and brushes

  • Butcher paper rolls

  • Plastic drop cloths


To make an in-kind donation, or if you have questions about what items we accept, please contact Development Director Rebekah Morris at (503) 764-9718 ext 4 or email her at