Partner with PHAME


PHAME is a fine and performing arts academy providing classes and performance opportunities to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In the effort to deepen students’ artistic knowledge, and to build opportunities for inclusion both for our students and within the greater arts community, PHAME seeks to develop partnerships with local artists and arts organizations. Below is a list of partnership opportunities we currently offer. For more information on how you can partner with PHAME, please contact Rob at


Share your art form by performing for PHAME students.

People with disabilities experience barriers to inclusion that prohibit them from participating in many performance viewing opportunities available to the general community. These barriers include lack of transportation access, financial strains, non-accessible buildings and performances, and more. By coming to PHAME and performing for our students—or by inviting PHAME students to an accessible performance event at your space—you enrich students’ lives and expand their artistic knowledge. 

Performance opportunities are ideal for musicians, theater groups, dancers, and other artists who focus on music and/or movement. We encourage visiting performers to allow time for a Q&A after the performance.

Frequency:  Once.
Location:  At PHAME or at your space.
Duration:  One to two hours.

Artist Talk

Share your artistic journey with PHAME students through a presentation.

Artist talks give students the opportunity to learn the steps involved in becoming a professional artist, and they demystify artistic styles and processes. By hearing your story, and seeing examples of your artwork, students expand their understandings of the local art community, and gain insights into how they can build upon their own artistic skills.

Artist talk opportunities are ideal for visual artists, but could also be a great opportunity for performance artists. We encourage visiting artists to allow time for a Q&A after the talk.

Frequency:  Once.
Location:  PHAME.
Duration:  One to two hours.


Teach PHAME students an artistic skill or process in a one-day or two-day workshop.

Workshops provide opportunities for students to learn skills and processes not covered in PHAME’s weekly classes. By teaching students a new skill or process through hands-on learning, you expand students’ knowledge of the arts and allow students the opportunity to ask questions in a less formal environment than an artist talk.

Workshops are ideal for a variety of artists including visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers, writers, and more.

Frequency:  Once.
Location:  At PHAME or at your space.
Duration:  Two to four hours over one or two days.


Teach a weekly class for a ten-week term.

PHAME’s education program offers four ten-week terms of arts classes each year. Classes range from Musical Theatre, to Digital Photography, to iPad Music, and many more, and they meet weekly for approximately 60-90 minutes. While most classes are project based, culminating in a mini-performance or final project, other classes focus mainly on skill-building and experimentation.

The majority of our classes are taught by PHAME staff and follow PHAME’s core curriculum. However, we are seeking to partner with established individual artists or arts organizations to teach a class in their artistic specialty at PHAME for one or more ten-week terms. Visiting teachers will be provided with the PHAME core curriculum and will receive training and support from PHAME staff before and during the term. The topic and key learning outcomes of the class will be based on the partnering organization’s area of expertise.

Teaching a class is an ideal opportunity for a professional artist or for an established arts organization that can provide one or more staff persons to teach the class.

Frequency:  Ten classes, as part of one of our school terms (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer).
Location:  PHAME.
Duration:  10-15 hours total (60-90 minutes per class).
Opportunities may exist to teach for more than one term.