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PHAME is a community. Will you join us?

PHAME is a community where adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities come together to take classes, create art, learn new skills, and make friends. We offer three ten-week terms of arts-based classes each year, as well as many performance opportunities. Our classes are taught by professional artists who adapt their classes to fit students' different learning styles.

Our students range from 18 to 70+, and they come to PHAME from all over the Portland Metro Area. While they come from different backgrounds and life experiences, our students are united in their interest in working hard, taking creative risks, having fun, and being part of a community that values all people.

How to Become a Student

The first step to becoming a PHAME student is to come in for a Prospective Student Interview with Rob Smith, our Director of Community Engagement. Rob will want to hear about you: who you are, what you love to do, and why you're interested in PHAME. He'll also be happy to tell you more about what we do here: classes, performances, and student events.

Fill out the below form to request an interview or to find out more about PHAME. You can also reach Rob directly by calling (503) 764-9718 ext. 2. or send him an email at

We do have a few guidelines that help determine whether you're ready for PHAME. Click here to read our our Enrollment Guidelines. If you become a student, we’ll also expect you to agree to our Code of Conduct. Click here to read the Code of Conduct. If you have questions about any of this—or if you’re ready to schedule a Prospective Student Interview—please contact us using the form below.

Prospective Student Contact Form

Use this form to contact us about setting up an interview,
or to ask questions about our program. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Your Name (This is you, the potential student) *
Your Name (This is you, the potential student)
Support Person Name (If someone is filling this out for the student)
Support Person Name (If someone is filling this out for the student)

If you prefer not to use the form, please feel free to contact Rob by emailing or give him a call at (503) 764-9718 ext. 2.