Selected News & Reviews

PHAME Academy Begins Rehearsals for Collaborative Rock Opera, PHAME Press Release, 6/20/19.

PHAME Academy Announces Collaborative Rock Opera, PHAME Press Release, 4/4/19.

Community, Friderike Heuer, Your Daily Picture, 3/11/19.

Opinion: A new, more equitable arts and culture investment strategy for Regional Arts & Culture Council, Madison Cario, The Oregonian, 2/8/19.

RACC announces a more equitable funding plan for arts organizations in Portland,, 2/7/19.

PHAME: The Dignity of Risk, Friderike Heuer, Oregon ArtsWatch, 9/8/18.

PHAME - An Inclusive Arts Experience in Portland, Keith Loria, Spectrum Life Magazine, 2/11/18.

FamilyCare Health announces $100,000 grant to PHAME,, 6/28/16.

Play leads to PHAME for Reynolds High graduate, Rob Cullivan, Portland Tribune, 8/28/15.

‘Up the Fall’: The lion, the witches and the wardrobe, Maria Choban, Oregon ArtsWatch, 8/27/15.

PHAME Partners With Laura Gibson For World Premiere Musical, Reuben Unrau, OPB News, 8/21/15.

Folk Star Laura Gibson Scores PHAME’s Next Musical, Ramona DeNies, Portland Monthly, 7/20/15.

The Spotlight Falls On PHAME Again- “Bye Bye Birdie” opens June 22, Tom Dwyer,, 6/6/13.

Touchscreen Tunes Ring Out From PHAME Academy, Virginia Alvino, OPB News, 4/26/13.

PHAME comes to Hillsboro: Kaitlin Mullins of Hillsboro loves performing with the Portland program for adults with disabilities, JoAnn Boatwright, The Oregonian, 3/16/12.

Northeast Portland nonprofit PHAME hires Matthew Gailey as music director, Larry Bingham, The Oregonian, 11/28/11.

PHAME moves into its first home in 26 years, thanks to Northeast Portland's Grace Memorial Episcopal Church, Larry Bingham, The Oregonian, 4/8/11.

Portland's PHAME choir fulfills 'Impossible Dream' for developmentally disabled adults, Tom Hallman Jr., The Oregonian, 11/25/10.