Introducing PHAME’s New Website

Group of students in a circle, the one in the middle jumps for joy

Over the last year we’ve been talking to students about their web preferences and have been researching web accessibility best practices. Today we are thrilled to share our new and improved website that incorporates what we learned.

We’ve designed this new website with a cleaner interface, more images, and more information about PHAME. The website incorporates colors and fonts that we think will be more accessible for people with disabilities and has a clear and easy to navigate menu.

If you want to take a look at some of the new features, here is a list of pages we recommend you check out.

About Us, Mission & Vision
Become a Student
About This website
Glossary of Terms
Student Art

Of course, we welcome any feedback or suggestions you might have about the new site. Please feel free to email us at Thanks for checking out our new site!

Anya Roberts