Support Arts for Everyone: A Letter from PHAME Student Lea Mulligan

Dear Friend of PHAME Academy,

Lea Mulligan

I have been a student at PHAME Academy for 11 years and a staff member since 2016.  Before PHAME, sometimes I would have trouble at schoolwhen people used to make fun of me, I would cry instantly.  PHAME has made me more brave.

Today, PHAME needs your support so it can continue to make a difference for people with developmental disabilities.  

In our student production of In a Single Breath, I was in a scene about a bully with my friend JJand I didn’t just act in the scene, I helped write it based on something that happened to me.  It felt amazing to create something and then to get to do it, and I loved that people liked it. 

Working at PHAME has also made a difference in my life.  At my old job, sometimes I would see the bosses whispering and looking at me and then whispering some more, and it always made me feel uncomfortable.  Here, I work with amazing people and I don’t feel like I’m talked down to because of my disability. 

You have helped build a community where I have made so many friends. 

Please make a gift so PHAME can continue the classes and programs that make such a difference for me. 


Lea Mulligan
PHAME Student and Classroom Assistant

P.S. Your gift up to $2,500 will be matched by PHAME’s Board of Directors if received before June 30, 2018.

Anya Roberts