Your support matters for PHAME students like me.

Young man with short brown hair and glasses.

As a person with a disability, I've often had trouble expressing myself. I might say the wrong thing or misinterpret what someone else said.

Social situations can be very difficult.

At PHAME, things are different. There is something extraordinary in coming together with people who understand my experience because theirs is so similar. For a lot of us, being able to talk about it, sing about it, dance about—it feels almost like a spiritual experience.

That’s worth fighting for.

And that’s why I’m sharing my story with you to ask you to support PHAME.

Here I’ve found a freedom that I never thought I'd have. I feel free to indulge in my passions without fear of ridicule. I feel free to share my input without fear of rejection. And I feel free to be myself, with confidence that it is enough.

Your contribution means that adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities can come together. We can not only find a place that is friendly and welcoming enough to be able to take risks with our art, but we can find a place where our voices matter.

If I have an idea for the choreography, the teacher listens. If the teacher has different directions the class can go, he asks my opinion.

When I'm at PHAME, I feel powerful. I feel like I can sing the hardest songs, dance the most difficult dances, and choose whatever path will take me to greatness.

I hope you will consider making a contribution to PHAME of $100 or more this year. You can double your impact—all new and increased gifts will be matched through December 31, up to $5,000.

I love being able to give back by leading tours at PHAME and volunteering at events. As an adult, knowing that I’m making a difference is so important. Please join me in making a difference for PHAME by making your contribution today.

I’ve been a student at PHAME for a little more than two years. I’ve gotten so much out of being here. I’ve learned a lot and made great friends. I know that without PHAME, I would be missing the confidence I have in myself—the kind of confidence it takes to get onstage and share my art with the world, to live and work and join in our community.

The arts are a world where I can openly express myself, and PHAME provides the key to that important place. Please make your contribution today.


Timmy Mair
PHAME student

P.S. Please make your contribution by December 31 by following this link or by calling 503-764-9718 ext 4. Your support matters—you can make a difference for the place that makes me feel like I matter.

Anya Roberts