PHAME Welcomes Rob Smith as new Director of Community Engagement Programs

Rob Smith

PHAME is thrilled to welcome arts advocate, percussionist, and nonprofit program manager Rob Smith as our new Director of Community Engagement Programs!

Rob comes to PHAME with over two decades of experience in enrollment and program management, community engagement, arts advocacy, and performance. Most recently, Rob served as a program director and teacher with Bremone Academy, a new after-school community arts program based in Portland. Before that, Rob spent a decade as Director of Students and Outreach for Sitar Arts Center in Washington, D.C., where he made leadership contributions to a fast growing urban community arts center, including helping to significantly grow the number of students served by Sitar. Prior to his post with Sitar, Rob was Assistant Registrar for Levine School of Music, a D.C. based community music program. He's also an accomplished percussionist, having performed at Joe's Pub (New York City) and the Smithsonian Museum (Washington, D.C.), among other world class venues.

"I feel so good about this work with PHAME," Smith says about his new position. "It feels right, and I'm very happy to be able to work with PHAME and serve PHAME's students and mission. I am most excited about having the opportunity to share creative experiences together,  becoming our best selves through the arts. I look forward to seeing what amazing things we come up with!"

As Director of Community Engagement Programs, Smith joins the executive management team of PHAME, which is undergoing rapid growth as the Northwest's premiere arts learning, performance, and community engagement program working to build inclusive community through the arts. Smith's primary areas of responsibility will be PHAME's Pipeline to Enrollment programs - working to expand and diversify the individuals with developmental disabilities that we serve through our programs - and our new Pathways to Opportunity initiatives, which will link program participants with avocational and/or vocational opportunities for inclusive, community integrated performance, art, and community.
We are proud to have Rob Smith on our team - please join us in welcoming Rob to the PHAME family!

Anya Roberts