What are you wearing to the PHAME Gala?

Image collage with the words The 70's in upper left hand corner - images are of 1970's era celebrities and characters including Indiana Jones, Shaft, Star Wars, The Love Boat, and more.

This year’s gala—dare we call it the best party of the year?—is ‘70s themed, so there are so many groovy outfits to choose from. From music, to movies, to cultural icons, the ‘70s were a roller coaster of funk and creativity.

As I consider my own gala outfit, I can’t help but think of this year’s theme as a time machine to my own childhood. From ’70 to ‘78, my mom, two brothers and I lived in or near Berkeley, CA—the center of the counter-culture movement. We shopped on Telegraph Avenue, worried about the future of People’s Park, and bought coffee from the first Peet’s Coffee on Vine Street—I still remember that smell.

Maybe I’m showing my age, but I don’t care. The ‘70s were far out, you dig?

We only had one screen in the house and watched everything together—at the same time! Mary Tyler Moore, M*A*S*H, and the Love Boat were my favorites. My brothers and I pretended to be the 6 Million Dollar Man—with all the slow-mo movements and sound effects—and I had a serious crush on Rowlf the Dog (still do, actually).

I saw Star Wars when it first came out in 1977. I was a very short 10-year-old in a modern theater with high-backed seats, and my uncle kept leaning down repeatedly to see things from my angle, to make sure I could see the screen. The next year my older brother got a copy of Meco’s disco Star Wars theme, and we had battles across the living room in sync with the laser pistols.

And the music of the ‘70s was right on, man. Crosby, Stills & Nash, the Beatles, Linda Ronstadt and Elton John were frequently on the hi-fi, and John Denver was right up there for me with Rowlf. The first vinyl record I bought on my own was Peaches and Herb’s “2 Hot” (remember “Reunited”?). And I have to confess… I did have a BeeGees/Peter Frampton poster on my wall for years.

Of course, it wasn’t all good. But today I’m daydreaming about the good stuff: disco music, Fleetwood Mac, and the Jeffersons.

Here’s the skinny—this year’s gala will be channeling ‘70s music with our Rock Ensemble and iPad Ensemble getting down with songs from Abba, Earth, Wind and Fire, and more. I’m wavering between dressing as Dorothy Hamill or Gloria Steinem, or maybe Sandy from Grease. But really, the possibilities are endless.

So how about you, what are you wearing? Check out the image above for ideas we put together just for you.

Good night, John-boy. See you at the gala.   


Anya Roberts