PHAME Brought Down the House at the Rock Opera Showcase

Last Wednesday evening at the Hampton Opera Center theatre, PHAME rocked the house with songs from Hamilton, Spring Awakening, Hair, and more. As audience members settled into their seats, the lights dimmed. The choir began singing the opening bars of Jesus Christ Superstar's "What's the Buzz," and PHAME student Henry Newson wowed the crowd with a soulful solo. The next hour was filled with joyful performances, and everyone left with smiles on their faces and the words to "Age of Aquarius" running through their heads. It was truly an event to remember.

Special thanks to our tireless Choir, our guest band, our Choir Director, Matthew Gailey, and to Alexis Hamilton and everyone at Portland Opera. We're so excited to move forward with our Rock Opera Project—a special 18-month collaboration with Portland Opera—and we're excited to see it off to such an amazing start. We'll be posting an update on the Rock Opera Project here soon.

We're delighted to share a selection of beautiful photographs taken by Frideike Heuer. Check them out below!

Anya Roberts