PHAME Announces Summer 2017 Production

PHAME is pleased to announce our summer 2017 collaborative project with director and playwright, Matthew B Zrebski.  PHAME students and staff will be collaborating with Zrebski to create a devised theatrical work about relationships, life moments, connections and being human, no matter what our differences.  The work is titled In a Single Breath and will premiere late August 2017 at Artists Repertory Theatre. 

Zrebski previously directed PHAME's production Up the Fall in August of 2015.

Matthew Gailey, Director of Education and Performance, notes “This new project is exciting on so many levels and what I am most looking forward to is not only bringing in professional actors and musicians to collaborate with our PHAME students, but that Zrebski will be actively collaborating with a few classes across multiple terms to engage them in the process of creating content and ideas for this new work.  Student contributed work will be present in almost all aspects of this project.”

PHAME has been recommended for a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to support this new theatrical work.  Please stay tuned for more details about this exciting project.

Anya Roberts