The Poet’s Shadow Printed Program — Text Version

PHAME presents

The Poet’s Shadow

An original rock opera created by PHAME artists in collaboration with Portland Opera.
August 23-31, 2019
Hampton Opera Center

Director’s Note

On May 9, 2018, I had a meeting with my friend Jenny Stadler about a huge project she was contemplating: a rock opera written, designed, and performed by PHAME students. In collaboration with Portland Opera, performing at the Portland Opera black box, and with me directing. I love opera and stories told onstage with a big, magical brush. And I loved that this project would give a voice to people not usually seen and heard in professional theatre.

It sounded perfect. Yeah, sign me up for that rock opera.

It’s been a process of continual creation since that first conversation. First Jenny, Matthew, Alex and I collaborated on what classes PHAME would offer to students to create the designs needed, and how we would take those designs and make them happen on the stage. Once those processes were in place, we gathered the professional collaborators, with a focus on finding artists who could amplify PHAME students’ work.

This project is the result of countless hours of behind the scenes work from PHAME students, staff, and professional theatre artists. There have been so many pieces and so many players involved in building what you will see today.

But I hope when you come to the opera, you focus only on this delightful and magical story, told with sound and light, musicians and actors, and dynamic visual effects.

The work should be invisible. That’s the way I want it.


The Poet’s Shadow

An original rock opera created by PHAME artists in collaboration with Portland Opera 

August 23-31, 2019
Hampton Opera Center 

Produced & Directed by Bruce A. Hostetler

Music direction by Matthew Gailey

Choreography by Wobbly Dance

Opera Consultation & Vocal Coaching by Alexis Hamilton


The opera runs for approximately one hour.

There is no intermission.  

We welcome patrons with and without disabilities.

Patrons who need to vocalize or move during the production are welcome to do so.  

We hope you enjoy the show!




Aaron Hobson as Beautiful Love

Lea Mulligan as Mrs. Peacock

Anne-Marie Plass as The Rose

Tess Raunig as Elizabeth

Maxwell Rochette as The Fairy Guide


Movement Ensemble

Megan Bartlett ▪ Katie Carlsen ▪ Katie Dunn

Ross Edwards ▪ Cynthia Freeman ▪ Cassidy Hosse-McKenna

Adam Parker ▪ Jason Young



With Matthew Gailey

Kylee Atchley ▪ Kristen Cibula ▪ Abbi Dunham

Mindy Giles ▪ Pat Hansen ▪ Jerry Hathaway ▪ David Hutzler

Liza Jensen ▪ Diana Lauer ▪ Debby McKnight ▪ Phyllis McMaster

Sophie Mickola ▪ Molly Murphey ▪ Ashlie Parrott ▪ Jeremiah Schumacher ▪ Heather Simmonds ▪ Bertha Spinning

Elena Wilkins ▪ Cassandra Diffely


iPad Ensemble

With Matthew Gailey & David Chachere

Jim Augello ▪ Rebecca Davis ▪ Aaron Hobson ▪ Estin Kiger

Cody McCullough ▪ Ande Tolbert


Metropolitan Youth Symphony Quartet

With Music Director Raúl Gómez

Players rotate performances

VIOLIN: Josiah Chandler, Klara Fischer, Raúl Gómez, William Kim

VIOLA: Luca Berti, Souhoon Lee, An-Doan Nguyen

CELLO: Madeline Altman, Josh Gregory, Ashley Lewis

Kieran McLain, Claudia Poteet



Ben Finley


With Alexis Hamilton

Chrystal Figueroa ▪ Bridget Gann ▪ Mindy Giles ▪ Julie Jones

Austin Landau ▪ Kara Romanaggi ▪ JJ Ross ▪ Michelle Wilson



With Matthew Gailey & David Chachere

Jim Augello ▪ Rebecca Davis ▪ Olivia Gibson ▪ Aaron Hobson

Estin Kiger ▪ Cody McCullough ▪ Ande Tolbert


Costume Design

With Liliane Hunt

Kylee Atchley ▪ Willie Chapman ▪ Zac Chasman ▪ Kate Ehlen

Chrystal Figueroa ▪ Sami Hawes ▪ Austin Landau ▪ Nikki Lane

Austin Mansfield ▪ Beth Markley ▪ Kara Romanaggi

JJ Ross ▪ Marcus Young


Poster Design

With Jess Leftault

Chrystal Figueroa ▪ Mindy Giles ▪ Laura Krook ▪ Austin Landau

Timmy Mair ▪ Beth Markley ▪ Crystal Pitt ▪ Tim Whiting


Set Design Artwork

With Linnea Solveig

Kylee Atchley ▪ Katie Carlsen ▪ Mason Coad ▪ Rebecca Davis

Sarah Dobroth ▪ Kate Ehlen ▪ Chrystal Figueroa ▪ Olivia Gibson

Cassidy Hosse-McKenna ▪ Nikki Lane ▪ Austin Mansfield

Beth Markley Kara Romanaggi ▪ Spencer Stafford ▪ Ande Tolbert

Marcus Young ▪ Timothy Younger 

Artistic Team

Bruce A. Hostetler - Director / Producer

Matthew Gailey - Music Director

Wobbly Dance (Yulia Arakelyan & Erik Ferguson) - Choreography

Alexis Hamilton - Opera Consultant & Vocal Coach

Liliane Hunt - Costume Design

Ian Anderson Priddy - Projection Design

Mark LaPierre - Lighting Design

Focal Audio - Sound Design / Mix

Kate Mura  - Makeup Design

Mike Cino - Production Manager

Laura Fraley - Stage Manager

Ruth Bryant - Wardrobe Mistress

David Chachere - iPad Ensemble Co-Director


Administrative Team

Jenny R. Stadler, Ph.D.  - Executive Director

Matthew Gailey  - Director of Arts & Education

Rebekah Morris  - Development Director

Rob Smith  - Director of Community Engagement

Anya Roberts-Toney  - Assoc. Dir. of Communications & Academic Affairs

Jenne Bilbie - Finance Coordinator

Neptune Grossman  - Campus Coordinator

About the Collaborators

The Poet’s Shadow brings to fruition an 18-month collaboration between PHAME Academy and Portland Opera. The collaboration began as a summer of opera-related classes and workshops, developed into the creation an original rock opera libretto, and culminates with the production you see today. The project has also included key partnerships with Wobbly Dance, who have choreographed the show, and with Metropolitan Youth Symphony, who have provided the string quartet that joins our iPad Ensemble onstage. Thanks to our wonderful collaborators for their hard work, creativity, and commitment to a world that empowers artists of all abilities.

If your organization is interested in collaborating with PHAME, please contact Rob at

Portland Opera

Portland Opera exists to inspire, challenge, and uplift audiences by creating productions of high artistic quality that celebrate the beauty and breadth of opera. Since 1964, we’ve contributed to the cultural, artistic, and economic landscape of the city and region that we love, by producing both classic and contemporary works. Learn more by visiting

Wobbly Dance

Wobbly is a Portland, Oregon-based multidisciplinary performance company comprised of Yulia Arakelyan and Erik Ferguson. Based on improvisation, authenticity and a touch of Butoh, Wobbly is the unavoidable exploration of the body weathered by life. Wobbly is and is not dance depending on the day and which of us you ask, but we move. With relentless fascination we still move. Sometimes small and caught on film. Sometimes bigger, outdoors and wild. Wobbly is a way of life, an expression of the belief that disability is a natural variation of the human form and in this variation there is art. With immersive environments, by engaging the senses, Wobbly invites the viewer to step into new worlds of possibility. For info visit

Metropolitan Youth Symphony

Metropolitan Youth Symphony (MYS) educates over 500 young musicians at all levels of experience each year in one of the nation’s largest youth orchestra programs. Operating 15 orchestra, band, jazz and percussion ensembles, MYS supports the whole musician, providing theory classes, instrumental coaching, and opportunities to collaborate with performers across artistic disciplines. A robust tuition assistance program, tuition-free beginning strings classes, loaner instruments, and in-school concerts at underserved schools ensure that MYS provides a musical pathway for all students. In response to regional growth, MYS has established a satellite string program in Hillsboro in addition to its Saturday program in NE Portland. For concert and audition information go to

PHAME Academy

PHAME is a fine and performing arts academy serving adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We offer three ten-week terms of arts-based classes each year, as well as many performance opportunities. Taught by talented arts education professionals, our classes include visual art, acting, choir, dance, musical theatre and many more.

PHAME is built upon the belief that art is for everyone. We believe that students, artists, teachers, and the greater community can empower themselves through the arts. With that in mind, PHAME brings passion, joy, and rigor to arts education and performance. For more information or to learn how to become a student, please visit

List of Songs

Orchestra & iPad Ensemble
As the action begins, Beautiful Love proposes to Elizabeth, who rejects him.

1. Aria: It’s Over
Lyrics by Bridget Gann
Distraught over her breakup with Beautiful Love and fearing she will never find love again, Elizabeth vows to vent her feelings in her poetry.

2. Aria: Come Into My Garden
Mrs. Peacock
Lyrics by Julie Jones
Mrs. Peacock is filled with worry over her daughter’s increasing isolation and invites her into their sunny garden to spend time with her.

3. Recitative
Lyrics by Alexis Hamilton Mrs. Peacock & Elizabeth Once again, Mrs. Peacock attempts to distract Elizabeth from her depression by inviting her into the garden. Elizabeth reacts strongly and angrily, accusing her mother of not understanding her or her need to write.

4. Aria & Chorus:
Building the Cage
Elizabeth & Chorus
with Movement Ensemble
Lyrics by Michelle Wilson
Elizabeth is in her room writing poetry that is increasingly dark. As she writes, the words of her poetry take on life of their own, gaining energy and strength from Elizabeth’s rage and despair and becoming the Monster.

5. Duet & Chorus:
Deepening Darkness
The Rose, Elizabeth
& Chorus
Lyrics by Chrystal Figueroa
As if wakened from a dream, the Rose at the center of the garden begins to see the increasing destructiveness of Elizabeth’s depression as it leeches life and color from the garden. The Rose begins to feel the effects of this as well and wonders what the future will hold.

6. Aria: You Had a Secret
Beautiful Love
Lyrics by J.J. Ross
Beautiful Love expresses his sadness and confusion over his breakup with Elizabeth, which for him seemed to come out of nowhere. As he sings, the Monster begins to envelop him, amplifying his fear and misery.

7. Aria with Chorus: Worry
Mrs. Peacock & The Monster
Lyrics by Julie Jones
Mrs. Peacock paces through the ruined garden becoming increasingly worried and anxious for both Elizabeth and herself. As with Beautiful Love, the Monster both feeds off of and feeds her anxiety and sadness, eventually overwhelming her as well.

8. Aria: You and Only You
The Rose
Lyrics by Kara Romanaggi
Rose has seen what happened to Beautiful Love and Mrs. Peacock and realizes that Elizabeth is destroying her relationships and her loved ones. Rose pledges herself and her love to Elizabeth, when Elizabeth is ready.

9. Recitative & Duet:
The Way Back to Love
The Rose & The Fairy Guide
Lyrics by Austin Landau
Realizing that Elizabeth will need help to get sort through her feelings, Rose calls upon the Fairy Guide to find a way back to happiness and love.

10. Recitative
The Fairy Guide & Elizabeth
Lyrics by Austin Landau
The Fairy Guide confronts Elizabeth with her behavior and offers her a path back to happiness by undergoing three Challenges, the first of which is The Maze.

11. Ballet: The Maze
Orchestra, iPad Ensemble
& Movers
Elizabeth must journey through a maze which contains a series of gates for which she must find the key. Each key is based upon the music which has made her happy in the past.

12. Recitative
Elizabeth & The Fairy Guide
Lyrics by Austin Landau
Having defeated the Maze, Elizabeth finds herself confronted by the River of Forgetfulness, which will rob one of all memories, good and bad. The Fairy Guide explains that she must remember the good things in her life to cross.

13. Duet & Chorus:
What Makes Me Happy
Elizabeth, The Fairy Guide
& Chorus
Lyrics by Bridget Gann
Elizabeth struggles to come up with things that make her truly happy. With the Fairy Guide’s encouragement, she remembers the activities, people and places that give her pleasure. As she recalls each thing, a balloon appears, allowing her to float over the River of Forgetfulness to the next challenge.

14. Duet: Mine But Not Yours
Lyrics by Alexis Hamilton Elizabeth & The Monster As Elizabeth lands on the other side of the River, she is confronted by the Monster, which tries to intimidate her, but Elizabeth has learned that the Monster is a part of her, and rather than try to fight it, she accepts her feelings of hurt, anger and sadness and reintegrates them into herself, knowing that while they are part of her, they cannot control her.

15. Aria: Together Forever
Beautiful Love
Lyrics by J.J. Ross
Elizabeth’s final challenge awaits. As she enters the garden, Beautiful Love is overjoyed and expects that they will once again be together.

16. Duet:
Not How I Wanted It To Be
Elizabeth & Beautiful Love
Lyrics by Chrystal Figueroa
Elizabeth explains to a bewildered Beautiful Love that while she is happy again, she still does not want to be in a romantic relationship with him.

17. Aria:
This is How a Garden Grows
Lyrics by Alexis Hamilton
Mrs. Peacock
Mrs. Peacock is amazed by the changes in Elizabeth and reflects on the woman she has become.


18-A. Aria: Will She Love Me?
The Rose
Lyrics by Kara Romanaggi
Rose transforms into a lovely young woman and explains her past to the awestruck Elizabeth. Rose then tells Elizabeth that she is in love with her and asks if Elizabeth loves her too.

18-B. Recitative
Elizabeth, Daniella (The Rose),
& Beautiful Love
Lyrics by Bridget Gann
Elizabeth and Rose pledge their love, and Beautiful Love mourns the loss of his relationship with Elizabeth.

18-C. Quartet
Mrs. Peacock, Beautiful Love,
Elizabeth & Daniella
Lyrics by Bridget Gann
Mrs. Peacock comforts Beautiful Love and the women assure him that he will find someone new.

19. Finale
Full Company
Lyrics by Chrystal Figueroa

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